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Every day, countless gaming accounts face the risk of hacking, with a staggering 90% of breaches originating from database leaks exposing your valuable information to malicious hackers. But fear not, with DataSeeker, we've got your back! Our cutting-edge service empowers you to pinpoint precisely where your personal data is vulnerable and being leaked. Identify potential security breaches and take swift action to remove your sensitive information, ensuring enhanced protection for both yourself and your precious gaming account. Don't leave your account's safety to chance. Embrace DataSeeker now, and embark on a secure and worry-free gaming experience across various gaming platforms!

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Latest News

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    20-Mar-2024 12:06:22

    We're excited to announce the addition of our new API system! Our new API system provides you with the ability to easily access our platform's data and functionality through a programming interface. This means you can create your own applications, integrations, and tools to enhance your workflow efficiency. How to use our API system: 1. Get your unique API key by logging into your account. 2. Make HTTP requests to our API endpoint using your API key and the necessary parameters. 3. Receive responses from our server and use the data in your applications. For more information on using our API system, refer to our documentation. Thank you for choosing our services!

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    02-Jul-2020 17:59:18

    Even more new databases have just been added as well as the News System has gotten an overhaul stay tuned for even more new data and updates in the near future.

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    13-June-2020 15:05:20

    2 new databases have been added Xtreme Fish logs and database over 500k lines in new data, more new databases will be added shortly.

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    9-May-2020 6:15:20

    Our current roadmap for updates are new updated source by next week after we will add loads of new data finally since there hasnt been any in 2 years and hashdb will be fully reworked with api support built right in.

  • 5

    8-May-2020 15:36:20

    New ownership this time for the long term Xtreme LLC has acquired All existing subscriptions have been wiped we do not have any lifetime plans anymore. Loads of new updates and databases will be added shortly

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